Saturday, 2 April 2011

Whoopie, it's Mother's Day!

Being a slight baking fanatic (slight...!), and both my mum and step-mum being slight baked-good fanatics, I thought it only right that I continue my Hummingbird year with some Mother's Day baked presents for them both!

Unfortunately, I had to "tweak" my chocolate chip whoopie pie recipe slightly before I'd even started it. I planned to pop to a "well-known supermarket" last night to pick up my ingredients ready for baking today... but I didn't consider that said well-known supermarket wouldn't stock the elusive marshmallow 'Fluff'.

So... rather than a nice sticky, fluffy filling, my choc chip whoopie pies have a sweet and scrumptious choc buttercream filling!

Other than that, this easy-peasy recipe went without a hitch...even though my little (I say little, he's 21 now!) brother was "helping" (ie, hindering) me!

I have rarely baked a successful cookie, I'll admit it. I get carried away and put the dough too close together on the tray, and I end up with one giant cookie (what's the problem, I hear you ask?). But positioning the whoopie dough like below seemed to do it!

The baked whoopies came out perfectly and cooled very quickly, ready for slathering with lashings of buttercream, sandwiching together and dressing up in pretty little boxes.

Et voila, you have yourself a homemade Mother's Day gift! (Better than anything I ever made as a kiddy...)

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