Thursday, 28 April 2011

They're getting married in the morning!

Everyone loves a good... muffin! I haven't made a Hummingbird muffin before, so what better time to try than for a Royal wedding? And what better muffin than the mixed berry?

Obviously these mixed berry muffins aren't for the happy couple themselves... Wills and Kate can go hungry as far as I'm concerned, these muffins aren't going anywhere!

I made a few alterations to the way I usually bake, and a slight alteration to the recipe itself this time. Firstly, I was making the MBMs (mixed berry muffins) at the boy's house, so I didn't have my trusty Kenwood with me, or even an electric hand whisk! So I went old-school and did this one entirely by hand... never again...! I'm used to using KC now.

The next change was the cases. I usually use cheap and cheerful paper muffin cases - nothing wrong with that, it's typical for most bakers. But this time I thought I'd give some silicon cases a go. I've used them once before but wasn't very impressed... this time, however, they did their job and I'm a (tiny) bit more in favour of them.

Now on to the recipe - the only change I made here was to the berries. The recipe states that you can use any berries, so I changed the listed blueberries (yuk!) for some chopped strawberries to accompany the raspberries.

The only difference I would say this made, is that the higher water content in the strawberries possibly had something to do with the muffins not browning as much as they perhaps could have.

The recipe itself was simple to follow and literally took about ten minutes to knock together... and I did think the berry-littered muffin mix looked particularly attractive in the colourful silicon cases with shiny white sugar sprinkled on top!

The recipe in the pink bible doesn't state a baking time, but my muffins took about 22 minutes to bake... this will, of course, be different depending on your oven among other things.

Now all we need is the wedding to kick off so we can tuck in. Cheers, Will & Kate!

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