Wednesday, 6 April 2011

From whoopies... to snickerdoodles!

Getting home from work this evening to a parcel of marshmallow Fluff, I was all set to get stuck in and make some real, proper authentic Whoopie Pies after having to improvise with the choc chip ones at the weekend and fill them with buttercream instead of marshmallow.

But, in typical Lea fashion, I was missing another key ingredient! So, determined that my poor, deprived work buddies weren't going to miss out on my Hummingbird treats any longer, I had a quick flick through the book and stumbled upon the Snickerdoodle cookies.

Now, these are technically a Christmas recipe, being packed full of one of my favourite spices - cinnamon. This week, though, this is kind of fitting. Despite our almost tropical temperatures today (got to love global warming!), yesterday was a bit more on the nippier side and I was wearing a jumper with a reindeer on, so I thought I'd continue in the festive spirit with the Snickerdoodles.

All went perfectly to plan with the recipe. I let KC do the work and came up with a lovely cookie dough, which I left to chill out while I ate dinner...

I often make the mistake of not leaving cookie dough, pie pastry etc long enough to chill before I handle it, but I think I got the doodle mix just right, as the cookie balls rolled out easily, and I even spaced them out right on the trays and didn't end up with one giant cookie (not that that would have been a problem!).

And there you have it, my most successful cookie attempt ever. I'm definitely a more experienced cakey girl, but after how simple these cookies were and how well they have come out, I think I may be extending my talents in the coming weeks and months! I've taste-tested one cookie (perk of the job) and, I have to say, they're good!

I just hope my friends, family and colleagues are up for the challenge of eating all future attempts - good and bad!

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