Sunday, 3 July 2011

Losing my marbles

The title of this blog isn't really apt, but it fits these particular cupcakes so allow me a little artistic licence, if you will.

The Marbled Cupcakes are a nice twist to both the vanilla and the chocolate cupcakes because they're both in there! What could be better!?

The method is simple, and the result looks like you've put a whole load of work into the cupcakes. Ssh, just let everyone think you have... I won't tell!

I finally got around to treating myself to a proper palette knife, which the Hummingbird recommends for icing... it's a revelation! I don't think I've ever iced a dozen cupcakes so fast!

Along with KC (the Kenwood Chef I inherited, for those of you who didn't see my earlier blogs), I think PK (Palette Knife, geddit?) may be my newest best friend! I haven't quite perfected the "Hummingbird swirl" and didn't spend too long messing around with these to try as I would have lost the marbled effect and ended up with just chocolate icing, but I'm quite sure I'll get the swirl on whichever cupcakes I do next.

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