Tuesday, 19 July 2011

An apple a day

If there's one way I recommend of getting your five-a-day, it's with the help of the Hummingbird. I haven't ventured far into the fruity-bakes territory yet with the Hummingbird's latest book, but I think these cookies may be the start of something beautiful.

I've made these Apple and Oatmeal Cookies tonight purely because I don't have the ingredients in for anything else! But, for once, my disorganisation has paid off. These, my friend, are LUSH!

Apples, oats, and a helping of cinnamon (my favourite!), trust me... perfect cookie rolled into one! I haven't gone wrong (yet) with a Hummingbird cookie, so I definitely plan to try some more very soon.

I did have one or two concerns while making these little delights - the recipe calls for light brown sugar, but I only had light brown muscavado sugar. I've used muscavado in cookies before, so was quite certain it would be fine. And it is, but I'm not sure if this might be the reason that my "dough" for more of a "mix". Regardless, the mixy dough has baked up just fine.

Another substitution was the use of Pink Lady apples instead of the Granny Smiths that the recipe asks for. The all-important taste test has proven that those little Pink Ladies are just as good as old Granny Smith in this instance!

Fifteen loooooong minutes in the oven, and I finally got my cookies. Why is it that time goes more slowly when you're looking through the oven glass? ;)

One word of warning - be careful when dolloping your dough on to the baking sheets, as if they're too close you'll end up with a merged, giant cookie. Actually, you might like to try this... :)

I'm sure my work guinea pigs will appreciate all the slaving over a hot oven I did(n't) do tonight. Or, as per usual, they'll all dive in as soon as I've sent the "help yourself" email round the office! I think that's a sign that my baking is all right...


  1. Great spirits.. and all that.. I've made these last week ! They tasted great, but my cookies were really soft and kind of soggy. But that's probably due to the fact that I didn't weigh out the apple, but put all of it in ! oops ! you liking them makes me want to make them again.
    Thank you for sharing

  2. Definitely worth making... they're delicious! Mine are quite soft, but springy rather than soggy. Make sure you squeeze the grated apple to get as much juice out as possible, otherwise that'll make them soggy. xx

  3. Your cookies look perfect! I might just have to make these tonight along with the apricot ones...yum!