Friday, 29 July 2011

Cookie monster

This weekend is turning out to be a bit of a baking bonanza, and we're only on Friday night! It's my dear old nan's 80th birthday celebrations on Sunday, and I have been tasked with supplying the birthday cake. Of course, me being me, I'm not just going to go out and buy one of Tesco's Finest... so that's why I've spent tonight baking two big, square victoria sponges in preparation for icing and decorating tomorrow!

The whole family are getting together for nan's birthday knees up, so - good as my birthday cakes supposedly are (I've had some excellent feedback, which is always nice!), I don't think my relatives would be too impressed if I showed up with only that to offer, considering how many goodies I've been shipping off to the office lately!

So, this evening I traipsed around the supermarket collecting enough baking ingredients to feed a small army - which is quite apt, seeing as that's what my family is equivalent too!

First on the list were the Apricot and Almond Cookies. I'd never put fruit into cookies before I baked the apple and oat Hummingbird cookies last week and they were delish, so I was pretty confident these apricot ones would be a hit. And... let's just say, I only have my own opinion so far but - two cookies down already - I wasn't wrong!

Even the cookies dough for this one tastes better than I could have imagined.

...and it literally took me all of about ten minutes to knock up! One handy hint - the recipe calls for "roughly chopped dried apricots". Rather than having to drag out one of my gorgeous, but super-heavy, chopping boards, I simply used some kitchen scissors to snip the apricot right into the dough - easy, and less washing up!

My little pink Hummingbird bible recommends that this recipe gives 10-12 cookies. Either I'm being tight with my dough-per-cookie, or the Hummingbird is being more generous than Santa on Christmas Eve, but I got 15 healthy-sized cookies out of the recipe.

Only problem is, I've already munched and rounded this 15 down to a baker's dozen... and I'm not sure the remaining 13 are going to survive until Sunday! Well, 13 is unlucky for some...

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  1. I'm making these cookies tonight, can't wait to try them :-)