Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Vanilla cupcakes & Chocolate cupcakes... with a leaselou twist!

I was asked to make a dozen cupcakes for my colleague and friend Jackie's husband's birthday yesterday, so we came up with the idea of six vanilla "sweety" cupcakes, and six chocolate "+chocolate" cupcakes - ideal for kids and the young at heart alike!

This gave me the perfect opportunity to not only give KC his first run out (yippee!), but also to kill two birds...hang on, not the best turn of phrase when referring to a "hummingbird" recipe book. Ahem! Gave me a perfect opportunity to blast out not one but two yummy recipes from my little pink bible.

Remember the little hiccup I mentioned in my first post, about KC? Well, all was going swimmingly - the mixture went in, the mixture was mixed, the mixture was spooned into cupcakes cases and the tray was popped into the oven. What I didn't factor in was that ol' KC was a much better mixer than me! These bad boy cupcakes were so light and fluffy and had so much "oomph" that they sprang up and overspilled their cases!

Anyway, all went well with attempt two and three -

- and I've had a lovely text message this morning from Jackie saying how much her husband and the family enjoyed them, which is always a bonus!!

Wonder what I'll do next. Stay tuned!

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