Tuesday, 22 March 2011

KC & me

I am coinciding the start of A Very Hummingbird Year with the arrival of the new love of my life.

Enter, KC.

KC has been handed down to me from my step mum. Without sounding too melodramatic, I feel really quite privileged that Yvonne has passed her mum and dad's old Kenwood Chef on to me as she has three children of her own.

Anyway, KC (as the Kenwood Chef is now known) came into my life last week and has been a ray of light, save for one little hiccup, which I'll go into at a later date.

Here is my little shining star -

I'm not sure how old KC is, but the old boy's at least 30 years old, so he's older than me! Because of this, I'm going to tend to let him lead the way in the kitchen...he's obviously the more experienced one out of the two of us! Like a tree and its trunk, you can get an idea of KC's age just by looking at his coloured plug lead -

Thankfully my dad's an electrician so put a new plug head on before KC came home with me!

So, I was all set with my new partner in crime, I was armed with my 'Cake Days' book, just one thing left to do. Get baking!

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