Monday, 23 May 2011

The week of the cake - take two!

After baking the Coconut Layer Cake, I was left with seven spare egg whites. Being pretty useless at meringues, I had a quick flick through the pink bible to see if there was anything that I could chuck them into... and I didn't get very far through before I found the Angel Food Cake!

Ten egg whites? No butter? No caster sugar? Certainly not your typical sponge recipe, and I did ponder for a few seconds whether anything had been left off the ingredients list - but I carried on regardless!

This is definitely one that you need a hand whisk for, and preferably an electric one. Some of the Hummingbird recipes you can get away with doing by hand, but not this one! These angels require a bit of electric spark!

Egg whites all whipped up and looking angelic, I (carefully) threw the rest of the ingredients in and... that was it! So simple. The sponge bakes for 50 minutes, so longer than I'd bake a "normal" Victoria sponge, and comes out a delightful golden colour...

I took this one to my mum's house to have after Sunday lunch and, as you can see from the following picture, it went down very well. Angelically white inside and perfect with a cuppa tea in the evening, too.

Note - do not breathe out while taking a bite as you end up with "fairy dust" (ie icing sugar) all over the place!

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